Do you worry about what goes on at home or work when you aren’t there?

Imagine being able to observe what’s happening, day or night, from any computer anywhere in the world. Imagine a surveillance system so smart it starts recording video the moment it detects movement. And then it alerts you!

Introducing the Firebird Wireless IP Camera. It delivers the peace of mind you need at a price you can afford.

Just mount one or more Firebird video surveillance cameras in strategic locations around your property. You’ll get a live video feed direct from the camera to your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone!

IP Camera Saves Money

No need for expensive alarm systems, security cameras, or patrols. Just set IP cameras in critical areas of your home, yard or business.

Control It From Your Computer

The secret is in the Firebird software. Our unique program gives you total control, letting you pan, tilt, adjust camera settings, and switch between multiple IP cameras or view them at the same time.

Wireless or Plug-In Operation

Connect the IP camera via wifi or plug it into your router or hub. Either way, you can monitor and control it from any internet-equipped computer, tablet or smartphone

Motion Detection

Alert system begins recording video when it senses motion. Automatically emails you still shots and it sounds an alarm on your computer to alert you to activity.

Wide Range Panning & Tilting

270° horizontal panning and 120° vertical motion, floor to ceiling. You set the speed of camera motion from slow scanning to fast tracking. Silent operation for discreet monitoring.

Night Vision for 24-Hour Surveillance

In dark or low light conditions, the Firebird wireless IP camera automatically uses its built-in infrared LED lights to capture video up to 32 feet away.

Live 2-Way Audio

Communicate between base and wherever you are in the world. The IP camera’s on-board microphone lets you hear what’s going on and its speaker lets you respond.

Hundreds of Uses

Protect premises from intruders. Keep an eye on the kids. Screen visitors before opening the door. Prevent theft and vandalism. Monitor contractors.